Alternanthera - Chocolate Chili

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  • Often grown as an outdoor annual plant, Alternanthera Choco Chili can also make a stunning houseplant with foliage all year round. The tops of the leaves are deep black-purple and the undersides are bright ruby, giving the plant a unique look. A vigorous spreading habit means it can grow quickly in the garden or in containers outdoors. Indoors, you may need to pinch it back regularly to maintain a bushy form. Alternanthera has better colors when grown in the brightest light possible, otherwise it may revert to green leaves on lightly purple stems.

    Potted in a 4" pot.

    Bright light/full sun. Outdoors can tolerate shade but will lose color.
    Keep soil consistently moist but not soggy; plant will wilt dramatically when it starts to dry but will rebound quickly if watered promptly. Don't throw it out if it looks dead--wait and see if watering revives it.
    Tropical soil mix.
    Toxic to cats and dogs.