Bonsai-Imported Stylized Starts, 6"

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  • Assorted unique species of bonsai plants, maintained in literati style to show off the curved gesture of the trunks.

    Each bonsai is unique and beautiful; we will choose the best looking plant when you place your order. If you have a preference for species, shape, etc., you can note it in the comments at checkout and we will find the best match in our inventory. Note that we can't guarantee any particular plant or variety will be in stock. Pictured species are Ficus retusa, Ulmus pavifolia, and Serissa foetida but in stock selection varies.

    Potted in a 6" container.

    Bright indirect to full sun
    Water when top of soil is dry (about once a week); extra humidity is appreciated!
    Tropical soil mix
    Toxicity varies by species; most often toxic to cats and dogs