Brass Soil Probe

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  • Take the guess work out of your watering game with this elegant and simple brass soil probe. Check out what's going on below the surface by plunging the probe. The small teeth will pull a sample of soil from deep in the pot for you to inspect. The soil probe not only allows you to check the soil moisture at the root zone level, but can also act as a tool to aerate the roots -- the best way to save an overwatered plant before it is too late.

        • Anti-microbial brass prevents transmission of pests and pathogens
        • Aerates the soil so plants can breathe
        • Designed by professional horticulturists
        • Manufactured in China
        • 9 ¾" L x 1 ⅛" W

    Brass will tarnish. If you prefer to keep the soil probe looking its brightest, you can rub it down with brass polish periodically.