Chlorophytum-Mandarin Orange

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  • A relative of spider plants, Mandarin Plant has brightly colored leaves that radiate dramatically from the center. The stems and central ribs are exceptionally bright orange, while the outer margins of the leaves turn a deep glossy green. Similar to a spider plant in terms of care and resilience, which is great news for beginner plant parents! Our examples in shop are actually much paler than expected for the species. They were likely exposed to too much direct light, causing leaf chlorosis. Pop it in indirect light and it should gradually turn darker.

    Potted in a 6" container.

    Bright indirect to medium light
    Water when top 1" of soil feels dry; approx. once or twice a week depending on conditions
    Tropical soil with perlite
    Not toxic to pets, although this and other spider plants are mildly hallucinogenic to cats