Fruit-Guava, 10"

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  • Fruit-bearing guava tree. You can enjoy this tree as a unique houseplant or with a little work and luck, you may be rewarded with fragrant white blooms and sweet pear-shaped guava fruits. Guava plants start out relatively slow-growing and then hit a growth spurt around the fourth year or so. These juvenile plants are a few years old so that they can start growing regularly each year. They'll do well outside on a patio in the summer and then brought inside to a very sunny window during colder months. 

    Potted in a 10" container.

    Bright light to full sun. In spring, summer, and fall, move outside to a sunny patio; in winter, move inside to the brightest location possible.
    Water when the top 3-4 inches of soil feel dry; once or twice a week, depending on conditions. Cut back on watering somewhat in winter.
    Tropical soil mix
    Toxicity is undetermined; guava fruits are not toxic to cats and dogs