Anthurium - Clarinervium, 4"

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  • A beautiful velvety aroid with striking silvery veins over deep green, Anthurium clarinervium is a relatively compact plant that grows on rocky outcroppings in Mexico. Its thick roots are adapted to provide support in soil wedges between rocks. (You might find that they also attach to the insides of your pots, so repot carefully.) New foliage comes in coppery-yellow and then darkens to deep green with a velvet texture. Like many Anthuriums, the mature foliage hardens off to a cardboard-like stiffness. Beautiful in any plant collection, but it can be a little tricky to care for as a beginner.

    Potted in a 4" container.

    Bright indirect light; an eastern window is ideal
    Water when top 1-2" of soil is dry; about once a week, depending on conditions.
    Don't allow to sit in standing water. High humidity is ideal.
    Tropical soil with perlite, sphagnum, or orchid bark
    Toxic to cats and dogs