Aralia-Snowflake, 2"

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  • This ming aralia shrub has feathery, green and white foliage that droops elegantly from upright stems. The transition from graceful young branches to upright mature growth results in a multi-layered complex plant with a very elegant form. Relatively slow growing, it is commonly pruned as a bonsai plant.

    Exposure to cold drafts and dry air may result in foliage loss in winter months. But don't worry if your plant loses its leaves near a cold window; bring it outside once springtime temperatures are above 65 degrees and it will leaf back out again.

    Potted in a 2" container, perfect for use in a terrarium or as a bonsai start.

    Bright indirect to bright light
    Water once every 1-2 weeks; prefers humidity in winter
    Tropical soil with added perlite
    Toxic to cats and dogs