Piper-Crocatum, 6"

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  • A sought-after species of Piper (the same genus that the black and white peppercorn plant comes from), Piper Crocatum features gorgeous pink and silver spotted foliage on long climbing vines. A slow grower, this plant can be trained up a support and looks especially attractive in a hanging basket, exposing the deep red undersides of the foliage. Small white crystals called cystolyths will form on the back of the leaves as the plant matures; sometimes mistaken for pests, these are signs of a healthy plant. 

    This plant requires attentive care and high humidity and is perfect for experienced plant enthusiasts.

    Potted in a 6" container with a trellis.

    Bright filtered light, ideally an east window
    Do not allow plant to dry out; avoid standing water; prefers high humidity
    Tropical soil mix; once fruiting begins, feed with nitrogen based fertilizer
    We can't find toxicity information for this species; it is related to Piper Nigrum, which is toxic to cats and dogs only in large quantities