Camellia Tea Tree

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  • Camellia sinensis is used to make most caffeinated teas including all black tea, oolong, and green tea. This variety is grown in cooler temperatures and higher elevations, and produces a more delicate taste such as what you'd find in green or white teas. Can be grown for its ornamental flowers or for harvesting tea at home.

    Plants of this size will be ready to harvest in 2-3 years. Until then, you can enjoy the pretty white flowers that bloom in fall and allow the plant to continue to mature. (Once you're harvesting, you'll be pinching off new growth and discouraging flowering to allow the plant to direct its energy towards putting out new leaves.) Sometimes grown as a small tree or hedge plant in warmer climates. Not fully cold hardy in Kansas; here you'll need to bring it inside or to an enclosed patio during the coldest part of winter.

    Potted in a 6" container.

    Bright direct or indirect light. Can be outside with temperatures above 20 degrees.
    Keep soil moist, but still well drained, watering about once a week.
    Tropical soil mix. Fertilize in spring, summer, and fall. It's okay to over-pot this plant (one size larger than you think it needs), as it requires a lot of moisture.
    Not toxic to cats and dogs. But fresh leaves do contain some caffeine; consuming large quantities can cause discomfort to pets.