Jasmine-Night Blooming, 6"

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  • Not technically related to other jasmine plants, night blooming jasmine features fragrant white or yellow blooms against dark green glossy foliage. As the name suggests, the flowers open at night. Naturally a quick spreader, this plant can be pruned to shape. Does well indoors, but will especially love being outside on your porch during the spring and summer and can flower up to four times per year under the right conditions. Unlike true jasmines, this one is not pet safe.

    Potted in a 6" container.

    Bright, indirect to bright light
    Water when top 1" of soil is dry; about twice a week or so. In winter, cut back watering to allow the top 2" of soil to dry between waterings.
    Tropical soil
    Toxic to cats and dogs (related to nightshades)