Medinilla-Myriantha, 5"

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  • A tropical semi-epiphyte vining plant with thick, leathery green leaves that have distinctive light green veins. Under ideal conditions, this one will bloom several times throughout the year with gorgeous clusters of deep pink to purple flowers drooping off of long (up to a foot long) stems. As a semi-epiphytic plant, this one can be left to dry out between waterings. The grainy/crystaline material on the leaves is a natural exudate and does not affect the health of the plant. You can wash it off if you'd prefer.

    Potted in a 5" container.

    Bright indirect or filtered sunlight; tolerates early morning and late afternoon direct sun but is susceptible to sunburn
    Water every one to two weeks; keep moderately dry
    Tropical soil - porous mixture; feed monthly during growing season with high phosphorous fertilizer
    Non-toxic to cats and dogs