Orchid - Renanthera, 5"

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  • Renanthera orchids grow from a single central stem and are closely related to Vanda orchids. They feature extraordinary blooms that tend to be red, orange, or yellow and usually bloom in spring or summer. Like other orchids, these plants are epiphytes (meaning they grow on trees rather than in soil in their natural environments) so they love to have exposed roots and an extremely loose substrate to grow in (or no substrate at all). In fact, some Renanthera species actually grow over rocks rather than trees. Most species do not require a dormancy period to force blooming, but they strongly prefer to spend the warmer months outdoors if possible.

    Potted in a 5" container.

    Super bright light, but no direct sun
    Mist twice a day with distilled water unless potted in orchid bark.
    Prefers high humidity. Keep near a humidifier or in a well lit bathroom.
    Orchid bark/open basket with exposed roots
    Not toxic to cats and dogs