Medinilla-Gregori Hambali, 5"

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  • Details
  • A tropical, semi-epiphytic plant, Medinilla 'Gregori Hambali' features long deeply veined leaves that come in coppery red and harden off to deep purple-green with purple/red undersides. Bright pink flowers bloom several times per year along the upright stems, wherever there are nodes where leaves were attached. As a semi-epiphytic plant, this one can be left to dry out between waterings. The grainy/crystaline material on the leaves is a natural exudate and does not affect the health of the plant. You can wash it off if you'd prefer.

    This plant sometimes can be dramatic when its growing conditions are changed and may defoliate in the transition to a new home. The overall plant is still perfectly healthy and with ample water, humidity, and light will quickly begin to flush out and grow more of its velvety purple leaves.

    Potted in a 5" container.

    Medium to bright indirect light
    Water every one to two weeks; prefers high humidity
    Tropical soil - porous mixture
    Non-toxic to cats and dogs