Rhipsalis-Baccifera, 4"

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  • Sometimes classified as "jungle cacti," Rhipsalis originate in rainforests in Central and South America. Unlike arid cacti, Rhipsalis grow under heavy tree cover and are used to less direct light and more humid environments. They have segmented legs and can form long, leggy cascades. Rhipsalis baccifera has bristly young foliage that turns smoother as it matures. Flowers are yellow to greenish and bloom sporadically. If given too little light, they won't bloom and growth will be stunted. Aim for direct morning light and afternoon shade for ideal growth. With long drooping stems (up to 30' long in nature), they look especially nice cascading from hanging baskets.

    Young plants, potted in 4" containers.

    Bright indirect to medium light, avoid direct afternoon sun
    Water when top 1" of soil dries out; about once a week, depending on conditions
    Cactus soil
    Not toxic to cats and dogs