Desert Days Terrarium Workshop

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Mon-Fri, 10-8
Sat-Sun, 10-6

Mon, Wed, Fri, 1-3ish.
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  • Is it getting hot in here? Oh wait nope, it’s just our DESERT DAYS CACTUS TERRARIUMS!

    Low maintenance and compact, these open terrariums are a great addition to your houseplant collection. All you need is bright light!

    We’ll instruct you on everything you need to know on how to build one of these masterpieces.

    Each participant receives:

    • 2x 2” cactus

    • Glass fishbowl 
    • Critter

    • Decorative rocks

    • Mini tweezers (don’t worry, we got you)

    Workshop starts at 6PM on 5/28 and cost is $30. Pre-registration is required so we can save you a seat.