Epiphytic Mounting Workshop

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Mon-Fri, 10-8
Sat-Sun, 10-6

Mon, Wed, Fri, 1-3ish.
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  • Did you know that many of the houseplants around us grow on trees in their native environments?

    These plants are called, “epiphytes”!


    In this workshop, we’ll be creating living art with epiphytic plants!

    Each workshop comes with:

    • 1x choice of epiphytic plant (hoya, ferns, orchids, rhipsalis, etc.)

    • 1x cork bark for mounting

    • Sphagnum moss

    • Fishing line

    • Soil

    • Sheet moss

    Workshop cost is $60 and pre-registration is required so we can save you a spot!

    Start time is 6PM on 4/22.