Hoya-Kerrii Variegated Vine

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  • Hoya Kerrii sports thick, heart-shaped, waxy leaves on long woody vines. The variegated leaves are deep green at the center and yellow around the margins. If you fertilize in the summer months you might see clusters of pin-cushion flowers with peculiar red beads in the center. Fertilization also helps encourage the leaves to form longer lobes (producing more of a heart-shape). Great for pets! 

    Potted in a 4" container, still relatively young plants without much vine growth.

    Medium to bright indirect light, back from a window or as a table setting or in a north-facing window (plants with variegation may require more light than their green counterparts)
    Allow to dry between waterings; about once every other week, depending on conditions
    Cactus soil with added pumice or perlite
    Not toxic to cats and dogs