Jobes Organics Citrus Fertilizer 3-5-5, 4lb

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  • Jobe’s Organics Granular Fertilizer for Fruit & Citrus (3-5-5) gives gardeners a fuss-free environmentally friendly option for healthy and beautiful plants. A unique blend of beneficial microorganisms that improve long term soil quality by providing microbes that naturally reestablish a balance between plant and soil. Jobe's Biozome® propriety formula is a consortium of three microorganisms: bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, and a unique species of Archaea--an extremely aggressive microorganism that quickly breaks down complex materials and minerals into basic nutrients and trace elements that plants can readily absorb.

    • 100% organic formula
    • Dry granular fertilizer
    • Provides your plant the food it needs while still being safe for the environment
    • Kid and pet friendly
    • 4lb Bag with re-sealable top
    • Feed all fruit, citrus, and nut trees in late winter, late spring, and early fall