Lavender - Grey (Goodwin Creek), 4"

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  • Details
  • A dense flowering lavender with slightly toothed silvery grey-green leaves and flower spikes up to a foot long. This hybrid was discovered about 20 years ago and is similar to two other French lavender hybrids: Lavandula x heterophyla (from the early 1800's) and Lavandula x allardii (from the 1890's). It is acclaimed for its ability to bloom throughout the summer outdoors, and to bloom indoors throughout the winter in a sunny window. They need about 5 hours of sunlight each day for winter bloom; a south facing window, sun room or sun porch should provide enough light. The silvery toothed foliage is very attractive and the corollas are deep purple.

    Potted in a 4" container.

    Full sun / bright light
    Allow soil to dry 1/3 between waterings
    Tropical soil
    Toxic to cats and dogs