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  • Native to Ecuador and Peru, Monolena primuliflora is an epiphytic plant that grows on the sides of trees rather than in soil. It's known as an ant plant because the caudex (thickened stem), provides habitation for local ants. In return for shelter, the ants protect the plant from predators and provide fertilizer nutrients. But don't worry, ants won't come inside your home to seek out this plant! The plant doesn't attract ants; it's just evolved to produce the ideal conditions for ants in Ecuador and Peru already living in the trees.

    The unique foliage on these plants ranges from bright green to burgundy on top and bright red underneath--a really gorgeous plant.

    Medium to bright indirect light
    Keep consistently moist (water about two times per week) but don't let it sit in standing water. High humidity is ideal; keep near a humidifier for a happier plant. Drying out will encourage the plant to go dormant.
    All purpose tropical soil
    Toxic to cats and dogs