Orchid-Vanilla Bean

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  • Vanilla bean orchid (Vanilla planifolia) is the plant that produces the familiar vanilla pods that are widely used for baking and flavoring foods. While unlikely to flower as a houseplant, this vining orchid features attractive bright green succulent leaves and long vines that can be trained on a trellis or up a wall. If you want to try to encourage the vanilla to bloom, you'll need to carefully manage growing conditions, hand pollinate the flowers, and fertilize regularly year-round.

    In its natural environment, this orchid grows epiphytically up the trunks of trees and can reach 75-100' in length. Even indoors, it's a relatively fast grower and can reach 8-10' in length within a few years. It thrives in warm and humid conditions. Some orchid experience is helpful with this one.

    Super bright light, but no direct sun
    Mist twice a day with distilled water or plant in orchid bark.
    Prefers very high humidity. Keep near a humidifier or in a well lit bathroom.
    Orchid mix/orchid bark
    Not toxic to cats and dogs