Palm-Bismarckia Silver

  • Details
  • A gorgeous fan palm with a symmetrical crown of upright palmate leaves and a thick trunk--all in a strikingly pronounced silver-blue color. Bismarck Pam is a slower grower that will ultimately grow quite large even in a container--estimates range from 12-15' at least--and it will grow faster if kept outdoors during the summer. Not cold hardy in Kansas, this plant will require a bright spot indoors during cooler months when the temperatures are below 40 degrees. Safe for pets!

    Prefers a very bright, well lit area. Place in a location where the leaves don't touch any walls or objects to reduce leaf browning. Does not like drafty or cold areas.
    Likes to be watered very frequently; you really cannot over water it!
    Tropical soil with added perlite
    Not toxic to cats and dogs