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  • The Triangle Palm's fronds grow around the trunk in an overlapping pattern from three different sides, forming a triangle at the base. The fronds grow upright and the trunk is generally smooth and rather thick, around 10-13" in diameter. A fast grower, this palm may also bloom with small yellow flowers on long stems. You can prune freely to maintain your preferred size. Adapts well to indoor or outdoor growing conditions, although you'll definitely need an indoor spot for the cooler fall and winter months.

    Potted in a 17" container, this is a very large (10'+) tree.

    Bright indirect light
    Water when top 2-4" of soil feel dry; about every 1-2 weeks, depending on conditions
    Tropical soil with added perlite
    Most likely non-toxic to cats and dogs, but we couldn't find definitive information on toxicity