Palm-Washingtonia Robusta

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  • A tall fan palm with slender reddish trunk and a crown of upright bright green leaves, with white threads hanging from each leaf. Washingtonia robusta is a common outdoor palm in warmer climates, lining Californian boulevards and gracing backyards. Kept indoors, it won't reach the same massive heights as an outdoor tree, but is a relatively fast grower among containerized palm trees. Not cold hardy in Kansas, this plant will require a bright spot indoors during cooler months when the temperatures are below 20 degrees.

    Potted in a 14" container.

    Bright, indirect light; would prefer a few hours of early morning or late afternoon direct sunlight.
    Water when the top 1" of the soil feels dry to the touch; about once a week or more depending on conditions. Do not allow to sit in standing water.
    Tropical soil with added perlite. Remove dead leaves that hang down from the crown.
    Not toxic to cats and dogs