Variegated Ginger 10"

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  • Slightly arched stems with large green and yellow striped leaves give this ginger plant a lush and tropical feel. Known as a shell ginger for its pretty clusters of pink and white shell-shaped flowers. Not cold hardy in Kansas, this will work well as a houseplant or patio plant that you bring indoors when it gets colder. Flowers grow on old growth so you won't see them if you only keep this as an outdoor annual (although many folks do just that and admire the lush foliage in the garden or in containers and baskets).

    Potted in a 10" container.

    Bright indirect light to full sun
    Water when soil surface feels dry; about 2-3 times per week, depending on conditions
    Tropical soil with perlite
    Listed as "likely safe for pets" although toxicity has not been established