Xanthosoma-lindenii Magnificum, 4"

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  • The debate about this plant's classification rages on, so you might see it listed as Caladium lindenii, Xanthosoma lindenii, or possibly Phyllotaenium. Regardless of what you call it, the striking 'Magnificum' cultivar makes a beautiful houseplant with drooping lobed leaves and zebra-striped, white-on-green veining. A mature plant can grow 2-3' tall with 15" leaves, making an eye-catching floor plant, and its tolerance for medium light means it'll do well in a broader range of settings than many Caladiums and Alocasias.

    Juvenile plant, potted in a 4" container.

    Medium to bright indirect light

    Water when top 2" soil is dry; requires higher humidity

    Tropical soil mix
    Toxic to cats and dogs