Blue Point Juniper, 10"

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  • Blue Point juniper is a winter hardy (zones 4 - 9) dwarf juniper tree with a natural conical shape and blue-green needles. Mature trees planted outdoors can reach approximately 5-10' tall after 10 years of growth. Potted in containers, the tree will stay much smaller, achieving about 1-3"/year.

    Works well outdoors in winter containers--add bark mulch at the surface of the soil to retain heat (but don't pile mulch up around the trunk itself). Easy maintenance: drought tolerant; no pruning required to maintain shape; only repot once every 3 years.

    Bright indirect to full sun
    Allow soil to completely dry out between watering (if kept uncovered outdoors, generally no need to water except in extreme heat/drought; indoors approximately once a month, depending on conditions)
    Well-drained tropical soil with perlite and pebble base layer for drainage
    Mildly toxic to cats and dogs