Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum), 10"

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  • Grow your own peppercorns! This native of India is a weak climbing vine that is the source of culinary black and white pepper. After the plant flowers, the peppercorns (which are berries) appear in drooping bunches, much like grapes. For black pepper, the peppercorns are usually picked when the first berry begins to turn red. They can then be dried and ground in 3 to 4 days.

    Indoors, the plant will need the brightest light possible and a warm humid environment--ideally 75 to 85 degrees. Outdoors, it would prefer partial sun or a covered patio. It will stop growing when temperatures drop below 65 degrees and it must be brought in before low temperatures drop to 50 degrees.

    Potted in a 10" container with a trellis.

    Bright light indoors near a sunny window or supplementary light; partial sun outdoors
    Water when the surface of the soil feels dry; prefers high humidity
    Tropical soil mix
    Toxic to cats and dogs in large quantities