Carnivorous-Nepenthes Alata (Pitcher Plant), 6"HB

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  • A shop favorite! Carnivorous pitcher plants are attractive and rewarding plants that will flourish with a bit of TLC. The cup-like traps lure insects and are difficult to escape due to their shape and waxy interiors. Once inside, the prey will fall into the bottom, which is filled with a digestive liquid that drowns and then breaks down insects and other prey.

    Potted in a 6" hanging basket.

    Bright, indirect light. The brighter the light, the more red the pitchers will be.
    Use distilled water. Keep soil consistently moist. Prefers humid environment. If pitchers aren't growing, it needs more humidity (mister or humidifier).
    Tropical soil with moss. If kept indoors, drop an occasional bug inside a pitcher to keep it fed. 

    Not toxic to cats and dogs, but ingesting pitches can cause mild stomach ache to cats