Palm - Ravenea Majesty, 10"

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  • A slow-growing palm with wide, arching fronds featuring very even and elegant leaflets. Majesty Palm puts on less than 1' of growth per year, eventually topping out around 10' when mature. This palm species can be more of a challenge to maintain than some others, requiring a narrower balance of light, water, and fertilizer. Generally, a sunny corner with plenty of water, a humidifier, and some epsom salts supplements should keep it relatively happy.

    Potted in a 10" container.

    Very bright, well-lit area; avoid cold drafts
    Keep soil consistently moist but not waterlogged; however, underwatering is much more likely than overwatering. Mist or keep near a humidifier in the winter.
    Cactus and tropical soil mixed. Epsom salts can prevent leaf yellowing.
    Not toxic to cats and dogs