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  • Often known as elephant ear plants (along with Alocasias), Caladiums are multi-colored foliage plants with large heart-shaped leaves on upright stems. Although many grow them as annuals in the garden, Caladiums can also be grown indoors in containers. Whether indoors or out, Caladiums will only last a few months before their leaves start to die back and the plant goes dormant again. When they die back, save the tubers in a bag in a cool, dry place and plant again in the spring!

    Assorted cultivars, potted in a 6" container.

    Each variety is unique and beautiful. We'll choose the best looking plant for you at the time of your order. Or if you have a specific preference (color, cultivar, etc.) let us know in the order notes and we'll look for the best match with the plants we have in stock. Note that we can't guarantee any particular plant or preference will be available.

    Bright indirect to moderate shade
    Water when top 2" of soil is dry; about once a week, more if the plant is outside
    Tropical soil with added perlite
    Toxic to cats and dogs