Ficus-Petiolaris (Rock Fig), 4"

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  • Evergreen fig variety that grows in arid conditions (native to Mexico). The gorgeous foliage is deep green with pink veins and stems. It forms a caudex, or swollen trunk, to conserve moisture during dry spells and its roots will grow over and subsume rocks and other objects on the ground. Note: this is an ornamental plant grown for its foliage and caudiciform trunk; any fruit it may grow is inedible.

    Potted in a 4" container.

    Bright light to direct sun
    Despite growing in arid regions, this plant requires frequent watering in summer. In spring and summer, water when top 1” of soil dries out (1-2 times per week). In fall and winter, allow soil to dry more (once every 3-4 weeks).
    Cactus soil mix
    Toxic to cats and dogs