Lavender -Assorted

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  • Drought tolerant, fragrant, and elegant, lavender is a popular plant for sunny gardens and patios. Low maintenance once established, lavender will bloom throughout the summer with small purple flowers above long silvery stems and foliage. Some varieties are cold hardy and can grow as perennials in Kansas (sometimes with winter sheltering), while others are not and are grown as annuals or in containers. Lavender can be grown indoors in a very sunny window (with as much direct sunlight as you can give it). With all lavender, you're aiming for hot and dry; if your lavender doesn't thrive it's most likely due to overwatering, too much shade, and high humidity.

    Assorted cultivars of lavender, potted in 5" containers.

    Full sun, ideally 8 hours of direct sun per day

    Allow to dry out between waterings; about once a week or less, depending on light

    Prefers sandy soil to clay; mix in additives to support drainage if soil is too dense. In containers use tropical mix with perlite or other drainage.
    Toxic to cats and dogs