Thyme - Lemon Variegated 4"

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  • Variegated lemon thyme is a creeping woody herb with small fragrant leaves that are slightly citrusy and have a yellow border around the outer edge. Makes a fragrant addition to patio containers, or grow in a kitchen garden for culinary use. Tiny pale purple flowers appear mid-summer and attract pollinators to other nearby plants. Can be grown as a perennial in Kansas. Makes a great mosquito repellant--crush the leaves to release their oils and rub on your clothes. Pet safe.

    Potted in a 4" container.

    Bright light to full sun
    Water when the top 3" of soil are dry; about every 1.5 weeks or so. Extremely drought tolerant when grown outdoors. Do not let sit in standing water.
    Tropical soil with added perlite
    Not toxic to cats and dogs