Sweet Potato Vine - Assorted, 4"

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  • An ornamental fast-growing vine that comes in many varieties with foliage that ranges from vibrant green to deep purple. Their attractive foliage helps to set off other plants and looks lovely spilling down containers and raised planters. While you can eat the potatoes they produce, these plants have been cultivated for foliage rather than for flavor and the tubers tend to be bitter.

    Assorted varieties; we'll choose the best looking plant in stock to fill your order. If you have a specific request for color or variety, let us know in the order notes and we'll look for the closest match. Please note that we can't guarantee a specific color or plant will be in stock at the time of your order.

    Potted in a 4" container.

    Bright light/some shade

    Water when the top 2" of soil is dry; about once or twice a week, depending on conditions. Do not let sit in standing water.

    Tropical soil
    Toxic to cats in large quantities