Fern-Australian Tree 10"

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  • A fast growing evergreen fern that forms a long tree-like trunk, Cyathea cooperi has lacy pale fronds and is one of the easier Australian tree ferns to cultivate indoors. Because these plants grow under very tropical conditions, they need vigilant watering and are one of the few species that can benefit from being "overpotted" (planted in too large of a pot) to retain extra moisture. Which is great because eventually this plant will be a fairly large impact plant. As the older fronds die off, the trunk continues to grow taller and can reach 4-6' tall as it nears maturity.

    Bright indirect light.
    Keep the fern evenly moist. A full watering once a week with a small watering mid week is ideal. High humidity is ideal; place the fern near a humidifier or in the bathroom.
    Tropical soil. Fertilize monthly.
    Not toxic to cats and dogs, but may cause discomfort if ingested.