Hibiscus Bush Assorted, 10"

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  • Tropical Hibiscus plants produce large colorful blooms summer through fall--and sometimes in spring if they've come from warmer climates as these ones have done. Their leggy stems have been pruned to encourage branching, resulting in a bushy habit.

    These are assorted varieties, with blooms in various colors. Most hibiscus plants feature pink, orange, peach, yellow, or red blooms. We'll choose a plant for you, or if you have a specific color request, let us know in the order notes and we'll look for the best match we have in stock. Please note that we can't guarantee a specific color bloom will be available at the time of your order.

    Potted in a 10" container.

    Bright light to full sun
    Keep consistently moist; about once a day, depending on conditions. Overwatering is rare, but will result in yellowing leaves towards the center/bottom of the plant. All other leaf loss (including yellowing at the top of the plant) indicates underwatering.
    Topical soil
    Not toxic to cats and dogs