Hibiscus Standard - Assorted, 6"

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  • Tropical Hibiscus plants produce large colorful blooms summer through fall--and sometimes in spring if they've come from warmer climates as these ones have done. Pruned and trained to grow on a single woody stem like a tree trunk, each variety produces unique blooms in pink, yellow, red, and orange tones. Traditionally, hibiscus flowers only have five petals and an open form that exposes the pistil, often with a contrasting colored throat. Cultivated varieties now can have more than five petals, referred to as "double hibiscus."

    Assorted varieties, potted in a 6" container.

    Bright light to full sun
    Keep consistently moist; about once a day, depending on conditions. Overwatering is rare, but will result in yellowing leaves towards the center/bottom of the plant. All other leaf loss (including yellowing at the top of the plant) indicates underwatering.
    Topical soil
    Not toxic to cats and dogs