Lantana Standard, 10"

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  • A fast growing tree-like shrub, the Lantana features clusters of bright flowers that look like verbena in shape (it is a relative of the verbena plant). Flowers can be red, orange, yellow, pink, or white and will bloom reliably throughout the growing season--often grown to attract hummingbirds. This plant does well outside on a patio during spring and summer months. With proper light and care, it can overwinter indoors and be ready to head back outside in the spring. 

    Potted in a 10" container. Plant has a single woody stem that has been trained to a tree-like shape. Approximately 5-7' at maturity, Lantana can be pruned regularly to maintain size and habit.

    Bright indirect light; indoors, aim for 6-8 hours of bright light
    Water when top 2" of soil feel dry: indoors, about once a week; outdoors, 1" of rain per week or equivalent watering
    Tropical soil with perlite
    Toxic to cats and dogs