Melocactus-Azureus, 4"

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  • A very cool Brazilian cactus species with striated blue coloration and a symmetrical shape. When mature, it grows a fuzzy tuft on the top of the cactus, which produces the plant's flowers. This plant tends to have a weak root system and is therefore harder to cultivate. For that reason, it also doesn't like to be repotted and takes a long time to re-establish, so you may want to let it be for several years. The plant may bronze in brighter light, which encourages spine and flower production. Flowers are deep pink and appear around the crown.

    Slightly less drought tolerant than other cacti and far less cold tolerant, you'll want to keep this one in a bright spot all winter and continue watering about once a month, even in dormancy.

    Potted in a 4" container.

    Bright light to direct sun
    Water every 3-4 weeks; do not allow to sit in soggy soil
    Cactus soil with added perlite
    Not toxic to cats and dogs