Monstera-epipremnoides 'Esqueleto' 10"

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  • A gorgeous monstera with huge fenestrated leaves, Monstera epipremnoides 'Esqueleto' is native to rain forests in Costa Rica where it grows at high altitudes with lots of humidity. The "double fenestrated" foliage has a set of small holes around the mid-rib, surrounded by a second set of much larger holes, and about 80% of the leaf surface is negative space. Leaves can grow up to 2' long on an indoor houseplant. This plant loves to climb, although it will put out new growth rather slowly. Care is mostly similar to other monsteras, but it would appreciate as much humidity as you can give it.

    Potted in a 10" container.

    Bright indirect light
    Water once a week; loves humidity
    Tropical soil mix with aeration
    Toxic to cats and dogs