Organic Fruit & Veggie Fertilizer 3 lb

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  • Arber's Organic Fruit & Veggie Fertilizer will yield extraordinary results increasing harvest, building soil health, and producing nutritious & delicious crops. The proprietary Biochar and fertilizer blend releases nutrients quickly, while holding excess nutrients in place to feed plants for several months. Both fast acting results and long-term soil health. NPK: 4-3-2

    Key Features

    • INCREASE YIELD — Scientifically proven to optimize soil health and nutrient absorption to double your harvest.
    • ORGANIC APPROVED — No synthetic ingredients or additives that could pose a risk to people, pets, pollinators or the planet.
    • ENVIRONMENTALLY POSITIVE — No unsustainably mined ingredients like Peat & Urea. Reduces fertilizer runoff and greenhouse gas emissions.
    • IMPROVE WATER EFFICIENCY — Biochar’s porous nature retains water, reduces water usage, and improves soil drainage.
    • BOOST SOIL HEALTH — Improves soil structure and increases organic matter leading to healthy & biodiverse soil.