Monstera - Deliciosa 'Thai Constellation', 14"

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  • An absolutely stunning collector's plant, Monstera deliciosa 'Thai Constellation' features gorgeous, fenestrated foliage with abundant white-yellow variegation that resembles a starry sky. Reaching up to 4' tall and wide, the plant has a bushy habit with huge (2') drooping or upright foliage on thick upright stems.

    'Thai Constellation' is one of those rare beauties that is highly sought after and easy to care for, making it perfect for plant enthusiasts at any level of expertise.

    Very mature plant, potted in a 14" container.

    Bright indirect light; although the variegation is stable (unlike M. deliciosa 'Albo'), more time in the light will mean whiter vs. yellower variegation; no direct sun
    Water when top 3" of soil is dry (once every other week or so)
    Tropical soil with perlite, pumice, and orchid bark
    Toxic (but not deadly) to cats and dogs